Aged Care Mediation

On occasions, disputes will arise that may require an independent mediator to assist.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a structured dispute resolution process where the mediator takes a facilitative role to assist the parties to discuss their viewpoints and areas of concern. The Mediator is concerned about the relationship between the parties, the fair process and the content. The Mediator uses a structured approach including individual and joint participation and private discussions that lead to a process designed to guide the parties to a joint crafting of mutually beneficial, durable workable resolutions. A mediator is not a judge, does not offer advice, but rather guides the process towards dispute resolution. (Institute of Arbitrators & Mediators Australia)

Why use Mediation?

Facilitative Mediation is usually:

  • Faster
  • Cheaper
  • More Private & Confidential
  • More Flexible
  • Devoid of adverse Publicity
  • In-house training or workshops
  • Can build professional and personal relationships rather than destroy them.
Carolyn Hale is a Nationally Accredited Mediator who abides by the Australian National Mediator Standards. She understands the complex nature of the Aged Care Industry, the Aged Care Standards, the expectations of Residents and their Representatives, and the sometimes, complex relationships and difficulties experienced by Aged Care Staff.

Call today for an independent, confidential discussion on how mediation may assist you.